Nurse-Family Partnership


What is Nurse-Family Partnership?

The Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is a nationwide, evidenced based, community healthcare program. The program pairs eligible first time mothers with a specially trained registered nurse for home visits. The nurse empowers first time mothers to become confident parents and strong women and their children to be healthy and developing on target.

What are the goals for families in the Nurse-Family Partnership?

Our goal in NFP is for the mother and her child to be the healthiest, happiest, and smartest mom and baby pair that they can be. We break that down into three main program goals:

  1. For the mother to have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.
  2. To improve the child’s health and development.
  3. To improve the economic self sufficiency of the family.


Who is eligible for Nurse-Family Partnership?

To be eligible for the program, a woman needs to be pregnant with her first child. She should be intending to parent her child. She needs to contact HMGBF by the 26th week of pregnancy and have her first visit with her nurse before 28 weeks. She needs to live in Montgomery County and have a low income. Teen and younger mothers to be are especially encouraged to participate.

How much does the program cost?

The Nurse-Family Partnership is free, confidential, and voluntary for all eligible women.

How often does the nurse visit?

The nurse and the mother will decide the schedule for visits that works for them. Usually the visits are every other week with weekly visits early in the program and right after the baby is born. The NFP program ends with monthly visits from when the child is 20 months until the child turns 2. HMGBF has options for families that have received NFP services to help the child between two and three prepare for preschool.

Who does the nurse visit with in the home?

The nurse and the mother discuss who the mother wishes to include in the visits. The relationship between the mother and her nurse is a key component of the program. The mother is the primary focus of the program and she is welcome to include anyone she wishes to include in the visit. Special materials and guidance are available for fathers.

How long are the visits?

The nurse and the mother discuss the needs of the mother and what to cover during a visit. The visits with the nurse are usually in the mother’s home and are normally about an hour to an hour and a half. The exact time, location, content, and who is present for the visit is jointly decided upon by the nurse and the mother.

When the nurse visits, what does she do?

Planned topics for each visit are chosen by the mother and the nurse on the previous visit. Throughout a visit, the nurse converses with care and respect for the mom and visit participants. They talk together about many areas of the mom’s life that can impact the mom and the baby. These areas include physical health with activities like weighing the baby or checking mom’s blood pressure. They also include discussions about relationship and environmental health, the baby’s development and being a mom, and her plans for supporting herself and the baby. Each of these areas is important to the long term success of the mom and the baby and the mom and nurse work together on whatever is needed.

How do I know having a nurse will help me?

Montgomery County's NFP program was the first NFP program in the county to start nurse home visiting after the original research trials of the model. Since that day in 1996, we have heard from many, many clients about the difference having a nurse had in their lives. We also gather a lot of data that reflects positive results of the program. Many times, we have families that have come back to us years later to share with us how they and their child are doing.


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